Jamestown’s Military Through the Ages!

Jamestown Settlement, Military Through the Ages.

Jamestown Settlement's Military Through the Ages

 One of our favorite early spring events in the area is “Military through the Ages!”

 This weekend long program is presented at the Jamestown Settlement, just over 4 miles right down the street from A Williamsburg White House Inn. Enjoy hundreds of re-enactors depicting soldiers from the 8th century to modern times. This event will take place from March 19-20, 2011.  During this weekend, you can experience the past and present in a unique display of Miltary History as re-enactors show how uniforms, weapons and military tactics evolved thoughout the centuries, as well as field communication and medical treatment. The event also showcases a variety of military vehicles and equipment.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with re-enactors to learn how soldiers attired and armed themselves, as well as how they were fed and housed in times of war.
Thirty five groups based in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and North Carolina will portray soldiers and military encounters from the medieval and Viking periods, Hundred Years’ War, War of the Roses, French and Indian War, American Revolution, War of 1812 and American Civil War. Re-enactors representing World Wars I and II, Vietnam War and the Soviet War in Afghanistan will take visitors through the 20thcentury, with the Virginia Army National Guard representing the present

For more information visit Jamestown Settlement

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